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Intravenous (IV) nutrient therapy helps you perform at your peak level, boosts your energy, supports your immune system, and improves your overall health. IV therapy should always be administered by a drip doctor like Mark Ghalili, DO, at Regenerative Medicine LA. Dr. Ghalili evaluates your health, runs blood tests as needed, and develops customized IV formulas to ensure you get the precise nutrients you need. To learn more, schedule an appointment using online booking or by calling the office in West Hollywood, California.

Drip Doctor Q & A

What are the benefits of an IV vitamin infusion?

When you take oral vitamin and mineral supplements, they go through your stomach and into the small intestine, where they’re absorbed into your bloodstream.

A variety of problems along the way can limit the number of nutrients that actually make it into your bloodstream. As a result, only a small percentage of your oral supplement makes it to the cells needing nutrients.

For example, low stomach acid, inflammatory bowel disease, and lack of digestive enzymes can all affect supplement absorption. Additionally, your small intestine can absorb only a small amount of some nutrients at one time.

Hindrances with your digestive tract are avoided when your vitamins and minerals are delivered with an IV infusion. As nutrients go directly into your bloodstream, 100% of the dose is delivered and rapidly distributed to cells throughout your body.

How does an IV vitamin infusion benefit my health?

When you’re under stress, your body needs more nutrients than usual to restore your well-being. Stress that quickly depletes nutrients, and leads to a nutritional deficiency, arises from many causes, including chronic pain, illness, injury, overtraining, and anxiety.

When you get an IV vitamin infusion, you gain:

  • Increased energy
  • Boost in metabolism
  • Stronger immune system
  • Faster healing from wounds and injuries
  • Better sports performance

With an IV infusion, you can also help your body detoxify and fight free radicals, which maintains long-term health.

Why should I get my IV vitamins from a drip doctor?

Most IV vitamin infusion clinics don’t have a board-certified doctor on site or providing the service. Many of them also use pre-made IVs that aren’t customized to meet your needs.

By comparison, the IV infusions at Regenerative Medicine LA are formulated for your health and administered by Dr. Ghalili.

These are a few examples of our IV infusions:

  • Invincible IV: Boosts energy, cognition, and immunity
  • Sunset cocktail: Helps you relax, improves sleep, and improves energy
  • Marine plasma: Natural minerals from ocean water to rehydrate and invigorate your body
  • Immune boost: Support your immune system to prevent colds, fatigue, and frequent infections
  • Glutathione: Powerful antioxidant that fights aging, assists liver detox, and enhances brain function
  • High-dose vitamin C: Megadose of vitamin C, magnesium, and calcium for superior immune function
  • Phospholipids: Helps maintain brain function and boost memory
  • Alkaline IV: Increases body’s alkalinity; great for athletes (fights lactic acid buildup)
  • Post-surgery IV: Vitamins, minerals, and amino acids to enhance healing

You can also get infusions that target a hangover, fight aging, and alleviate anxiety. Some IVs require blood tests before you get the infusion. Dr. Ghalili also combines some IV infusions with injections or other therapies, such as light therapy, for optimal results.

To explore the benefits of IV vitamins from the drip doctor, call Regenerative Medicine LA or book an appointment online.