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Simply the best! Dr. Ghalili and his staff are such amazing people. Very knowledgeable and shows that they care about their patients. Highly recommended! A+++. Sammy S. | Yelp

I had to take a moment to come on here and give a review for Mark. If you are looking for a doctor that just doesn’t feed you with meds to make money on the side from the pharmaceutical companies then Dr. Mark Ghalili is the way to go. I have become so much more wise just from the small amount of information that he has given me. I have a new born daughter and Mark has so much knowledge things that I wish my mother knew when she was raising me. I want to thank you Mark for the time and patience you have with every person. I am hoping that you flourish with your practice! I know that word of mouth will spread easy with you! Tiffany S. | Yelp

Dr. Ghalili is the best doctor you can find. He truly cares about you as a person and wants you to be healthy, happy, and succeed in life. He follows up with every treatment. He has been phenomenal in knowing how to treat my fluoroquinolone toxicity customizing every single one of my treatments. His biochemistry research is incredible. I had been to several doctors before seeing him. Most of them didn’t know what was wrong with me, none of them knew how to help me. He was wonderful to work with and celebrated every victory I had. Before seeing him I was in bed 23 hrs a day for 5 months. I could only stand 10-15 minutes at a time. I walked in a painful zombie shuffle and limping. My second week of treatments I was able to stand for an hour, walk normal, and walk 2 city blocks! I still have a ways to go in my continuing recovery and confident I’ve gotten the best possible care and he is there for me every step of the way. Just to show how amazing he is we drove almost 700 miles to see him and would do it again in a heartbeat! Wendy J. | Google

I consider Dr. Mark Ghalili to be a life-saver and I couldn’t be more grateful to have found him and to have been treated by him. I came to Dr. G with a condition called Fluoroquinolone Toxicity, a condition that he, himself, had experienced. He was not only extremely empathetic, he was extremely knowledgable and was able to chart a path towards my healing. I am giving the highest recommendation to Dr. Ghalili and encourage you to contact him if you are in need of medical assistance of any kind. He is amazing and truly, an answer to prayer for me. Wendi G. | Google

I was prescribed Cipro 8 months ago, leaving me with numerous side effects and decreased quality of life (difficulty walking, panic attacks, hair loss, neuropathy, etc). As a mother of 5, that is not okay. After a phone consultation and an in person visit to Dr. Ghalili I am feeling better with what I have been able to implement of his recommended protocol (I still have a few things to change). I look forward to see the additional improvements as my treatment progresses. He provided great care and we (my husband and I) had his undivided attention throughout our visit. Sara R. | Google