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About Regenerative Medicine Los Angeles

Regenerative Medicine LA was created when Dr. Mark Ghalili DO, a Board Certified Internal Medicine physician, made a full recovery after being paralyzed from the common antibiotic Cipro. He then learned millions of others have been affected with no recovery in sight, so he decided to go against traditional medicine in order to heal and recovered by using cutting edge regenerative medical therapies. Our goal is to take a whole body approach, address multiple organ issues, and provide natural medical therapies in order for our patients to achieve recovery.

Regenerative Medicine LA’s focus is to treat autoimmune conditions, arthritis, joint pain, chronic fatigue, weakness, alzheimer’s, antibiotic toxicity, just to name a few. Our Stem Cell Hair Regrowth and Facial Rejuvenation treatments have yielded fantastic results.  Regenerative Medicine LA strives to become a leader in Stem Cell Therapy and provide our clinical data for the world to use when discussing stem cell treatment with their patients. Dr. Ghalili has lectured at the prestigious annual International Cell Surgical Conference and will continue lecturing throughout the world raising awareness about regenerative & natural treatments.  We are BEYOND MEDICINE.